40 metre Monoband Antenna

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“Price now includes Freight”.
This antenna is a full size 1/4 wave antenna. It is fully self supporting and needs no guy wires.
The adjustment is at 1.5 metres of the ground, so once you have put it up, you have no need to pull it down or tilt it over again.
Frequency. Adjustable in the 40 metre band.
Height 10.1metres(33.1feet) approximately.
Weight 4 Kg
Construction Drawn 6000 series aluminium tube with stainless steel hardware.

More information to follow.

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  1. David Oates (verified owner)

    hi mark – just giving you a report on the TEV40 – noise level is definitely less than my G5RV – local stations are about the same signal strength but overseas DX is about 1-2 S points higher – that, combined with the lower noise level, means that the antenna is perfect for DX which is what i wanted – so far i only have 3 radials on it – i am putting at least 6 more on tomorrow – that should improve performance even more – SWR is 1.2:1 across the whole band – thanks for a great antenna! – david

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