TEV-1 System Kit.

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TEV-1 Vertical with 4:1 Unun and bracket kit.

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The TEV-1SK is an 8.5 metre vertical radiator, with a 4:1 Unun and the popular mounting bracket BalBrack Kit supplied.
The TEV-1 is made of 6 x 1500mm sections of drawn Aluminium tube.
All stainless steel hardware and rugged aluminium construction guarantee long life and trouble-free operation.
The broadband, current style unun is encased in a glass reinforced nylon box,
It can be mounted at ground level or elevated to any height above ground or a roof.
The antenna is all predrilled and by following the instructions, you will find that the antenna system is simple to assemble and easy to mount.
Many options can be utilized for feeding this antenna.
I have done some tests both ground mounted with radials and using the shed as an earth. I find it more resonant and easier to tune with the unun, than with a balun.
Also, pitted against my 80 dipole, it is more resonant and performs better on all bands except 80m(I accept that as it is a bit short).

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CONSTRUCTION: 6000 Series Drawn Aluminium Tubing.
HARDWARE: Stainless Steel
Weight: 3.5 Kg

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    Ideal compromise solution for a size-restricted inner suburban location.

    In addition to the supplied SS-310 nuts & bolts, I added SS-310 hose clamps to
    each section joint to ensure better RF electrical contact and for added mechanical security. Base mounted onto the side of my Stratco patio roof and uses the house’s metal guttering as a counterpoise. It’s very flexible in the wind and has survived everything thrown at it so far.

    Overall, very good value and performs very well indeed using the supplied 4:1 Unun. Perfect match of 1:1 is easily obtainable on all bands 40m through to 10m using a manual ATU. Not suitable for 80 or 160m though – would need a big loading coil on the base for that.

    Cheers, Alan VK6CQ

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