8.5 Metre Vertical Radiator


* New model now has through bolts and Nyloc nuts*

*Price now includes freight*

The “TET-Emtron ” model TEV-1 is an 8.5 metre vertical radiator, made in 6 x 1500mm sections.

All stainless steel hardware and rugged aluminium construction guarantee long life and trouble-free operation.

It can be mounted at ground level or elevated to any height above ground or a roof.

The antenna is all predrilled and by following the instructions, you will find that the antenna is simple to assemble.

Many options can be utilized for feeding this antenna.
Popular uses are:

* With an auto tuner (SGC-237 or Icom AH-4 style).

* Using a 4:1 Unun at the feed point and a tuner.

See here for Hints and Tips when installing.

Also available,

-the BalBrack Kit, a Bracket kit for mounting Baluns and Ununs.

– the Radial Kit, the TEV-1RK

-the brackets and 4:1 Unun and TEV-1 in a Kit, the TEV-1SK





6000 Series Drawn Aluminium Tubing.


Stainless Steel


1 kW PEP
Weight: 3 Kg

2 reviews for TEV-1

  1. John Schneider (verified owner)

    I have found the TEV-1 to be very flexible in the wind. We had a few wind gust lately ranging 27km to 50km with the TEV-1 in the air of over 3M in the open. I did have to do one thing to the TEV-1 was after the storm I took it back down one of the screw’s went missing so I replaced all with pop rivets. It is very lite and flexible. I am running it on a IC751 with a LDG SWR is 2:1 with a 4:1 Balun and with out the LDG.

  2. Jeff VK4XA

    It works even better if extended to 10.5M length!

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