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Three elements on 6 metres made for the TE-33 or any similar three element Triband antenna.
This antenna needs no coax, feed or balun as it is passively fed with your triband antenna.
Comes complete with mounting instructions.

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2 reviews for TE-6Pass3

  1. Hans (VK6XN)

    I was skeptical when I first read about this type of antenna but with space constraints got one anyway.
    It was easy to add to the TE-33, and clearly works on air. Tuning requires setting the freq. with radiator length then adjusting its spacing for resonance. An antenna analyser made it an easy task.

  2. Phil VK6ADF

    I have compared this to a 3 element yagi for 6 metres made by a well known American Company and my first impressions are the TE-6Pass3 seems to perform slightly better.

    Nothing scientific to my statement, but just swapping cables quickly and listening, the received signals did appear to be slightly better on the TE-6Pass3, or gave me that impression, certainly no worse.

    Seeing that it is a bit over half the cost of the American Brand, and should work with any triband yagi, similar to the TE-33, if you have an interest to dabble with 6 metres, then it is an ideal start. Plus fitting on the existing boom you don’t have to think about stacking another yagi on the tower.

    Very easy to add to the HF yagi, very simple to set up (especially if you use an antenna analyser, but could done without one). All in all an excellent addition to my TE-33. No extra coax required, it uses the existing coax for the Triband HF yagi.

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