Five Element 27 MHz Beam.

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*Now comes with TB-2060 Balun*

The TET-Emtron model TE-511 is a high performance 5 element dual drive broad band 26 to 29 MHz beam antenna. The dual drive system uses a special feed arrangement, which feeds both the reflector and the radiator elements. This method gives a wider bandwidth, an increase in gain and a significant improvement in the front-to-back ratio.

All TET-Emtron antennas are manufactured for optimum performance and are made of the finest materials available. For example this antenna is made from Marine Grade 6000 Series Aluminium, all predrilled and partly pre-assembled components. The hardware is all stainless steel. – THIS ANTENNA IS MADE TO LAST!

By following the instructions, you will find that the antenna is simple to assemble and when correctly installed, a top performer.
Comes with supplied balun.


to 29 MHz

Maximum Element Length.

5.3 m


5 m

GAIN dBi/ dBd

8.5/ 6




50 OHM


500 Watts

WEIGHT (approx.)

8 kg

Additional information

Weight 3.62873896 kg

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  1. Dale Pilling (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this Yagi for almost a year now and it has worked very well for me. Although the boom is only around 5m long, it hasn’t hurt it’s performance. It was easily put together after Mark sent it and at around 11m up, it’s felt some bad weather and big winds over the last winter and being 5 minutes from the sea down here in the Southwest, it hasn’t got a scratch. Would easily buy another if I was in the market for another.

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