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First TET-Emtron Blog and Newsletter.

Hello and welcome to my first blog on the new website.

I will be doing these periodically to mainly let you know new product that is coming out. Also any other news that may be relevant to TET-Emtron or amateur radio. I will also be re posting it on Facebook for those that subscribe.

This has been a tough year for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. With the dreaded virus which has come into our lives and changed the way we interact with our fellow humans, we have had to put our usual activities on hold. This for some people has unfortunately meant not going to work, which leaves us all with less products and services than we are used to.

I am fortunate that I work at home. Which means the disruptions to my life were minimal, for which I am thankful. It did mean that supply of raw materials was a bit slow at times, but I( and most of my customers) could understand that. It is still not up to full speed but is getting better. Let hope from here on things get better, and we can all get back to our regular activities.

I will be releasing some new stuff shortly and will put it all on the website.

Regards, Mark VK6MOA.

5 thoughts on “First TET-Emtron Blog and Newsletter.

  1. Sounds good Mark

  2. Hi Mark,
    Any updates?
    It’s June 2022 and things have been a bit quiet here. 😉

  3. Hi Mark, 2 things continually happen to me when I need something,
    1. it is as far from the front door of the shop as they can possibly place it or,
    2.the person that runs the business has gone on holidays, you are the second business in the last month that has done this.
    Ya just can’t help bad luck!
    I hope that you have enjoyed yourself and that you come back refreshed.
    Being retired and with a difficulty getting around, I have plenty of time to do things, however I tend to get frustrated and impatient. Waiting is not my strong suit.
    Looking forward to hearing from you, at your earliest convenience, I can’t wait to get the TE-33 up in the air.
    I’m really interested in the operation of the 6pass3 and how it works.
    De Harry VK4TK

    1. Hello Harry,
      I know what you mean. It always happens when I am getting the bike ready for a trip. I need parts for the bike and I sometimes try to communicate with them that I need express but there is no way on their ordering system to click Express Post. So being in WA it can take two weeks, sometimes.
      I have sent you a personal email to help answer your questions.

      1. Well I certainly don’t have any complaints, the balun turned up before you got back from your holidays.
        Well done.
        The beam should be going up over the weekend, with a bit of luck, I have to find my rotator, it is in the garage somewhere. I moved 3 years ago (we were in Victoria and my adult children packed up and didn’t mark the boxes). So that will be the only delay.
        Once again thanks for the prompt service.
        De Harry VK4TK

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