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5/8th Wave 26-30 MHz Vertical.

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A five-eighth wave 27 MHz vertical made for the long haul. Made from 6060 T81
series drawn aluminium tube and stainless steel hardware, this antenna
is made to last.
No radials needed!
All radiating elements are connected to the handle, to help with shunting unwanted voltages(lightning and static) to earth.
The coil is covered with thick, waterproof, glue lined heatshrink to stop water ingress.
Pretuned for no-fuss installation.
Easy assembly.

Comes complete with clamps for mounting to mast.
Antenna Height: 7.00 Metres
Power: 1000 Watts PEP, 400 Watts Continuous
Connector: UHF Female (SO239) on 400mm RG213 cable tail.
Construction: 6060 T81 Series Drawn Aluminium Tube with
Stainless Steel Hardware.
Weight: 4.6 KG

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  1. Steve Jones (verified owner)

    What an excellent antenna. Well built, nice design, easy to assemble. Low SWR over a nice broad band. Will cover low 10 metres with ease. I chose this antenna, for the fact that it DIDN’T have or need radials. As I dont want any birds hanging over my roof and fouling the tank water.
    A VAST improvement over the Station Master mk1 I have been using for my CB needs for the last 15 years.
    Excellent price as well. If your base CB antenna is on the way out, grab this 1 one, you wont be disappointed.

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