Kevlar core antenna wire.


New! Super flexible, strong, Kevlar cored tinned copper wire for making dipoles, OCFeds, G5RVs and any other wire antenna. Can support the weight of a human (well me, anyway) so it will not stretch and will not break.
Perfect for portable antennas as it will not kink up or twist when you want to wind it up or lay it out. Will wind easy on to the cable winder or a roll.

Price is per metre.

Colour: Drab Olive.
Jacket O.D. 3.00mm PVC
Radiator: 16 x 3/0.12mm Flexible tinned copper braid.
Filler: 1500D Kevlar x 9c
Tensile Strength: Better than 75 Kg
Weight: 15 grams per metre.
Power: 1kW PEP

Additional information

Weight 0.00680388555 kg


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