TE-EA Emergency Antenna


HF Emergency Antenna.


This HF emergency antenna is a compact, throw behind the seat kevlar wire antenna that is designed to be used as a back up when in a situation that your autotune or tapped whip has gone faulty or breaks. It can be used in a variety of ways, by throwing over the branch of a tree, across the top of some bushes, or even laying on the ground.
It has markings on it for the popular frequencies of all the Safety Networks,Austravel Safety Net, VKS737, VKE-237, and VMS-469.
Just roll it out to the frequency you want to contact the base with, and connect your coax cable to it.
Popular frequencies it can be used on are(in kHz):-

Full Out 6796 7652 7899 8022 10180 11612 13910
5127 6790 7652 7899 8022 10180 11487 13910
5135 6793 10203 11612
5270 6796

It is made with military quality parts and is strong and rainproof.
Comes complete with instructions and 12 metres of throw over rope.
Kevlar reinforced tinned copper wire.
Electronic instructions here in PDF:- TE-EA Manual

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