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2m and 70cm Stainless Spring Whip.

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This is a small spring whip designed for the person who wants both 2m and 70cm, but wants a low profile antenna with a spring.
It is electrically a quarterwave on 2 metres, shortened by the coil, and a three quarterwave on 70 centimetres, which is 2 quarterwaves phased together by the coil.
It does not normally need tuning,but comes with an Allen key should your ground plane not match the factory’s.

All Stainless Steel
Length: 390mm
Weight: 120 grams
VSWR:Better than 1.5:1

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1 review for S270SP

  1. Scott Evans (VK7HSE)

    I was at the Miena VK7 Hamfest on November 17th and noticed this particular antenna. I’ve been looking for a 5/16th threaded dual band antenna for 2m/70cm for some time now. As most of the main distributors don’t have any presence in Tasmania it’s difficult to source anything for the amateur spectrum. So I was glad to see Tet-Emtron at the hamfest and with a large selection of items, including the S270SP antenna. They were on special for $25 so I bought one (there was 3 on display) Once home from the event I fitted the antenna to the car and tested swr readings for both 2m (146MHz) 1.2:1 and 70cm (440MHz) 1.1:1 so I didn’t have to adjust anything as those readings are well within specifications for my intended use. I’ll definitely have to grab a few more of these antennas!

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