80 and 40 Metre Wire Dipole.

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The ED8040 is a wire dipole made from 1.67mm hard drawn copper wire. With high efficiency traps it resonates at about 7.10 mHz with approximately 100 kHz of bandwidth.
Width: 34 metres
Material: 1.63mm Hard drawn Copper Wire.
Traps: Sealed PVC, Stainless Hardware.
Weight: 1.2 Kg
Power: 1000 Watts PEP,500 watts RTTY and AM

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  1. Neil Beeson

    I run 10 watts and have spoken Aust wide. Signal report– 20/9 at a distance of 300klm. It’s also taken direct hit from lightning and suffered no ill effects only coax plug. I use no other antenna on 80 or 40 meters at my ranch. You wont find a better di-pole

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