Multiband Tuneable Wire Dipole.

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The ED52c is a multi band antenna of a unique design. It can be used as a horizontal dipole or an inverted ā€œVā€. Its high power traps and resonate length of 75 Ohm co-ax lets it work on the 80,40,20,15 and 10 meter bands.

The ends have been left open so it can be tuned for 80 meters depending on the environment and the proximity of the ground. The traps need no tuning and are resonate at approximately 7.1 MHz. For 20 meters and 10 meters, the traps provide sufficient reactance to be resonate in the middle of the bands. On 15 meters, it operates on the third harmonic. The antenna comes with 7 half wavelengths of RG59 cable at 28.4 MHz. It can be lengthened or shortened by multiples of halfwave lengths(approx. 4.43 m) if needed.

When installing the ED52c, let the cable drop at right angles from the centre for at least 6 meters. If possible keep the cable and centre feed away from any metal. It is also advisable to support the cable at some point to relieve the dead weight.

The ED52c works best with an antenna tuner, although I have successfully been using one at home without a tuner for some time with good results.

Also available on request(page coming soon) Stainless wire and Kevlar wire versions.

Width: 34 Metres.
Material: 1.63 Single strand Hard Drawn Copper Wire.
Traps: Sealed PVC resonating on 7.1 mHz
Power: 1000 Watts PEP.
Co-ax: RG59, 30.5 metres terminated with UHF Plug (PL259).
Weight: 2.8 Kg total, 1.2 Kg dipole only.

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  1. Dom Bragge

    I have successfully used one for nearly 25years. I am just rejuvenating the connectors now (Benelec 04107) to get it ready for the next 25! It is a compromise antenna – Perfect on none, but pretty good on most 5 bands. I find my radio’s internal matcher smooths out the rougher SWRs. Very strong wire, my metal masts broke before antenna when tree dropped on it in 1997.

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